Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Because tweezers are used very close to the skins pores, it is essential that you ensure they are clean before use.
Always wash your tweezers in hot water before use or even better clean your tweezers with an alcohol wipe or similar.


Tweeze Eyebrows

Tweezing is a great way to shape eyebrows or for removing those annoying stray hairs on the face and chin. Always try and tweeze in the same direction that the hair grows. This prevents unnecessary pulling. Also try and avoid tweezing hairs in the nasal canal. This can often result in an infection.


Preparing To Tweeze

Before you begin tweezing, cover the area with a warm face cloth or similar for a minute or two. This will open the pores which will make it easier to remove the offending hairs.


Take Care When Tweezing

One thing to avoid doing, is applying creams or moisturizers before tweezing. This may result in an infection of the skin pores or worse may make you slip with your tweezers. When working around the eyes always be extra vigilant!

Tweezermania pointed-Precision-Tip-tweezer
  • Point tips are perfect for fine precision often used with a magnifying glass.
  • These tips can be as small as the size of about 20 hairs.  (they are sharp)
  • The point tip tweezers can be used to remove ingrown hair, splinters and blackheads. 
  • Almost as precise as Point Tip - cover more space per tweeze & safer.
  • They can be used for extra fine hair or when exact precision is crucial. 

  • A small tip is used when both precision and speed are necessary.
  • also used to tweeze fine hairs with acuracy and speed

Tweezermania straight-tip-tweezer
  • This tip is used for every day use of normal tweezing. 
  • very diverse choice for most your tweezing needs. 


  • When Speed is the key - this tip delivers. 
  • fast powerfull tweezing every time. 
  • covers lots of ground. 

  • Specially designed to tweeze hair from sensitive skin without feeling the tip.
  • Great for older kids or people with lesser hand eye coordination. 
  • Wont tangle or snag on things like swabs.