Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweezer Tip Sizes

Tweezer Tip Sizes

Tweezermania pointed-Precision-Tip-tweezer
  • Point tips are perfect for fine precision often used with a magnifying glass.
  • These tips can be as small as the size of about 20 hairs.  (they are sharp)
  • The point tip tweezers can be used to remove ingrown hair, splinters and blackheads. 
  • Almost as precise as Point Tip - cover more space per tweeze & safer.
  • They can be used for extra fine hair or when exact precision is crucial. 

  • A small tip is used when both precision and speed are necessary.
  • also used to tweeze fine hairs with acuracy and speed

Tweezermania straight-tip-tweezer
  • This tip is used for every day use of normal tweezing. 
  • very diverse choice for most your tweezing needs. 


  • When Speed is the key - this tip delivers. 
  • fast powerfull tweezing every time. 
  • covers lots of ground. 

  • Specially designed to tweeze hair from sensitive skin without feeling the tip.
  • Great for older kids or people with lesser hand eye coordination. 
  • Wont tangle or snag on things like swabs. 


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