Monday, January 2, 2012

What is Tweezermania?

Well let me introduce to you

It is a well established tweezer company in Europe.  They have been in business for over 15 years but the business has been around for much longer than 15 years.  They are experts in what they do and have worked very closely with designers, stylists, professional estheticians, metal smiths, and factories about getting the best tweezers that money can buy.

There are other tweezer business around that charge double the price for the same exact thing just because of a name brand.  Some of the work the have chosen to stock is actually the same factory as some other big tweezer king but I won't mention their name.  But non-the-less they are the best money can buy.

They offer many types of tweezers including the now very famous titanium tweezers.  These tweezers are amazing - you really got to feel them.  They are 3 times lighter than standard stainless steel tweezers but are 3 times stronger too.  That is amazing!  you should really get one of these baby's in your hand just to feel what I'm talking about.

among many there is also a magnifying glass tweezer that is really nice - it is x6 magnification so you could see exactly what you are doing - and they have an point tip so you can get out even the most difficult ingrown hairs or slivers.

They also offer some really sleek designs that they have designed themselves based on the requirements of professionals and these tweezers have caught on and some even getting contracted to the big wigs - but I won't get into that now.  I just have to say that the selection at tweezermania is not matched at least not in quality and selection.  You see they will not allow any tweezer to come in that is not been tested and re-tested in their vigorous proprietary testing sytem.  They have developed a machine that tests tweezers on a robotic machine to see how many tweezes one can do with a single sharpening of a tweezer with very minimal effort.  I believe they are the only ones in the whole business that takes the time to do this testing.

So - go and check these guys out because they are going to be the next tweezerM%#N. 

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